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Company Overview

Over the past several decades many companies have developed product technology that filters the drinking water to counter the biological and chemical pollutants. Most of these products work to some degree with varied finished quality. Some technologies and products can even "over-clean” the water, removing so many constituents that the necessary and naturally occurring healthy co-factors are removed. This can render a final water product that is not correctly accepted by the body’s systems and may even cause harm. We refer to this filtering technology as Generation 1 technology.

In recent years, thousands of people have been fortunate to be introduced to the existence and benefits of antioxidant alkaline water which can be created with a small home appliance called a water ionizer, designed and manufactured almost exclusively in the Asian market. Unfortunately, most water ionization equipment has carried a price tag which is unrealistic for the average consumer, the most popular models ranging from $995 up to $3,895. Further, the sizable investment in this water ionization equipment does not guarantee a high level of water filtration or removal of harmful contaminants. Often, additional filtration devices must be installed to increase removal of contaminants (such as reverse osmosis) are used. We often refer to this water ionizer technology as Generation 2 technology.

Although Founders Kirk and Cathy Phinney were proud to design, co-found and operate one such company, Water Revolution is the realization of their dream of discovering a better, broader and simpler solution to the drinking water crisis.

New water filtration media has emerged which has the ability to alter the pH chemistry and the antioxidant capability of the water much like an electric water ionizer does, while more effectively removing dangerous contaminants more effectively. This new technology significantly reduces costs, allows Water Revolution to assemble a water unit solution here in America and, actually produces a final drinking water that more closely mimics nature’s perfect purification process.

Water Revolution, LLC offers through its organization of Independent Distributors, a new line of water products that incorporate this newest media-driven technology. We refer to this new technology as Generation 3 technology. The Water Revolution Energized Media Alkaline Water machines offer superior effectiveness in reducing contaminants of health concern.

Meet the Founders: Kirk & Cathy Phinney

Having operated both a successful construction and land development company and several restaurant concepts, Water-Revolution founders Kirk and Cathy Phinney experienced firsthand the "overwhelm” of owning traditional businesses. The realization that the rigors, liabilities and time commitments of a brick and mortar business would not mesh well with their dream of raising a big family they started to explore the home-based business industry, and they’ve never looked back. For more than twenty years, they have devoted themselves to building successful home-based marketing businesses, and training others to duplicate their success.

Kirk recalls his excitement at discovering the low overhead and limited liability aspects of a home-based business. "I think the only thing that kept us in the (traditional) business game was our sincere desire to be successful and our penchant for building and keeping long term relationships” says Kirk. He adds, "In those early years we worked very hard to build traditional businesses and we did our best, but somehow we seemed to miss the success we felt we had earned. Fortunately, we were introduced to referral marketing.” Cathy adds, "A home-based business provides us with the freedom and true success training system we had always wanted. It’s our passion and focus to teach others to do what we’ve been able to do, helping them to become successful and profitable working from home. Faith, Family, Friends: These have always been our priorities.”

We are excited to be able to offer a "truly viable solution” to what has become a clean water/ unhealthy beverage crisis, and to be a part of the changing face of home-based business.” Kirk adds, "Water-Revolution provides us with the opportunity to take all that we’ve learned to the next level.  We’re pioneering a new era in the water industry by designing and building our own products from the ground up, overseeing and structuring every aspect of the operation from product design to product construction to customer fulfillment to Distributor service.”

When asked how they plan to accomplish all these things, Kirk responds with a gleam in his eye: "We will accomplish all this and more, because it is our heart’s desire to create not only the best company but also a newly evolved business structure that takes us into an even brighter future.” Kirk and Cathy believe that the successful company of the future will cater to the needs and goals of the Independent Distributor as Priority Number One. Today, Kirk and Cathy reside with their four children on a small farm near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide highest quality products based upon solid science, to everyday people at an affordable price.

We believe that to thrive in the current economy we must be fair and generous to our hard-working distributors and to our customers. We know you have choices, and we are grateful that you choose to work with us.
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