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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to install the Revolutionizer™?
Installing the Revolutionizer™ is a relatively simple process which is clearly explained in the accompanying manual. If you choose the under-counter installation and do not possess basic household maintenance skills yourself, a plumber could do the installation in less than 30 minutes. The Revolutionizer™ connects directly to a diverter valve at the faucet (countertop installation) or directly to the cold water line (under-counter installation).

What if the Revolutionizer™ won’t attach easily to my faucet?
The Revolutionizer™ will fit most traditional faucets using the diverter included with the equipment. Simply attach the sturdy diverter valve directly to the faucet after removing the aerator on the end of the faucet. Then, attach the supplied hose to the diverter, and the other end to the inlet valve of your Revolutionizer. In some rare cases, it may take an adapter ring which is common in most hardware stores to complete the installation. Installation or technical questions can be answered through

How does the Revolutionizer™ work?
The Revolutionizer™ offers a highest quality dual filtration system for optimal cleaning and alkalizing of the water. The first filter is customized to meet filtration needs in municipal or well water supplies. Once the water has flowed through filter number one, where contaminants are reduced or removed, the water passes through the second, AlkaAmpensity cartridge where the proprietary Energized filter Media creates alkaline, ionized water for drinking and cooking.

Can I run hot water through my Revolutionizer?
It is not recommended to run hot water through the Revolutionizer™. Doing so may decrease the effectiveness of the filtration media.

Where are the Revolutionizer and other Water-Revolution products made? All the Water-Revolution products are made in the USA!

Does water quality in my geographic area affect the Revolutionizer performance?
Water quality and mineral content will vary in different geographic areas, including municipal and ground water sources. The Revolutionizer™ offers two distinct filtration options and is designed to work with regular municipal (tap) water or well water. In a case of too hard or too soft water, or particularly objectionable water, it is wise to employ specialized filtration to achieve the best results. Water Revolution offers a solution to objectionable water conditions with the introduction of the proprietary AlkaPurity™ system.

How is the Revolutionizer™ different from reverse osmosis or distillation? Reverse Osmosis (RO) and steam distillation are processes which remove all minerals from water. The Revolutionizer produces alkaline energized water by removing or reducing harmful contaminants, and then concentrating the healthy, life-giving alkaline minerals for optimal benefit. In many cases, the Revolutionizer™ offers the perfect solution for naturally alkalizing and energizing tap water or well water. In cases in which the source water is objectionable (too hard, too soft, or foul smelling) we recommend the AlkaPurity system, which sends the source water through a Reverse Osmosis system for optimal purification prior to the alkalizing and energizing it through the AlkaAmpensity cartridge.

Why is Energized Water healthier than other waters?
The healthiest waters on earth contain the natural mineral properties of the earth. They are slightly alkaline and have a negative electrical charge, which indeed charges the structure of the water, making it electron rich and super-hydrating. This is evidenced by the fact that people living in the high-mountain valleys of Pakistan, Equador, France (Lourdes) or in the Andes Mountains, live longer and with fewer health complaints than other populations on earth. This is true in part because the waters in these geographic regions are naturally enhanced with minerals, negatively "charged” with ions, and purified through contact with volcanic minerals or igneous rocks as they travel through the earth. The Revolutionizer and AlkaPurity systems are able to produce a similar effect when the water passes through the proprietary Energized Media in the AlkaAmpensity cartridge.

How do I test the pH level of my water?
To test the pH level of any water or clear liquid, pour a few ounces into a clear glass and add 3-4 drops of the universal indicator (reagent drops). Compare the color of the liquid to the pH color chart provided.

How do I know when a filter needs replacing?
The life span of a filter is determined by the quality of the source water as well as the volume of water flowing through the energized water filtration system. A decrease in water flow or a change in taste is common indicators of the need for a filter change. One filter will produce approximately 1000 gallons of water, unless the water quality is very poor. With regular use in a small household, filters will typically need to be replaced at least every 12 months. By replacing your filters at regular intervals, you are assured of excellent water quality and ongoing warranty of your energized water system.

Do you offer a Warranty with the Revolutionizer™ and AlkaPurity systems?
Yes. The Revolutionizer™ and AlkaPurity systems carry a limited lifetime warranty based upon proper maintenance and replacement with certified Water-Revolution replacement filters. The warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, altered, or subject to improper use, or if anything other than Water-Revolution filtration media is used in the machine. Click for complete Warranty Information.

What are the exact dimensions – including tank sizes – of the AlkaPurity system?
The small RO Tank option is 2.2 Gal. The diameter of the tank is 8"; the height is 13". The large RO Tank option is 4.4 Gal. The tank diameter is 11"; the height is 14". The outermost dimensions of the AlkaPurity Unit itself are approximately 15" Long, 8" Deep, and 8" High.

What is Acidosis?
Acid waste products are produced within the body as a result of outside stressors such as chemicals and environmental toxins, physical activity, psychological stress, inadequate sleep, sugary foods, poor diet and food additives, and our own cellular metabolism. All of this creates a scenario in which the average adult person is chronically over-acidic. The accumulated acidic waste build-up in the body is referred to as acidosis, and is thought by many health professionals to be a contributing factor in accelerated aging and chronic disease. According to Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) in the same way that the accumulation of acidic wastes accelerate the aging process, the reduction of acid wastes may retard or even reverse it. Alkaline water is not a medicine nor does it carry a curative claim, however; if consumed regularly, alkaline water may help to reduce acid waste, balance pH, and improve overall health.

How do I know if my body is overly-acidic?
The vast majority of Westerners are overly-acidic due to diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. You can purchase pH paper at most pharmacies and health food stores, which allow you to test your urine or saliva pH at home. Download pH Testing Instructions Here.

Why is it important to alkalize my body?
In 1999, Dr. Linda Frassetto of the University of California conducted a study of almost 1,000 Americans, in which she demonstrated how the increase in acid waste accumulation in the human body has resulted in a situation where the elimination of these toxins is an overwhelming and difficult task. Click Here to read the study. Many other health professionals have written books which teach the importance of proper pH balance in the body.

Can drinking Alkaline Energized water really help balance my body pH?
While we do not make any therapeutic claims about the results you will achieve drinking our alkaline, energized water or using our products, the following well-respected medical professionals do recommend alkaline water for its pH balancing effects:

Is there any reason NOT to drink alkaline energized water?
No. While the concept of alkalizing the body and the benefits of alkaline water are relatively new in the United States and Canada, millions of people in Japan and Korea have been drinking alkaline water for more than 40 years. Studies supporting the therapeutic benefits of alkaline water can be found online at

What is LhaGo™ and how does Energized Alkaline Water make it more effective?
By using electron-rich energized ionized water as a part of the LhaG0 formulation, we offer a complete spectrum of bio-available le minerals and trace minerals that are readily recognized and accepted by the cells, and which are vital to healthy bodily function. LhaG0 is a safe and natural blend of highest quality Himalayan salt, blended with our Energized Water using a proprietary process for optimal delivery and absorption. By combining the life-enhancing properties of alkaline, energized water with a highest quality Himalayan Salt, we have produced a first-of-its-kind ionic mineral supplement to restore nature’s perfect balance in the body.

What time of day is it best to take LhaGo?
LhaG0 is best taken on an empty stomach. We recommend that you do not eat or drink anything 20 minutes before or after drinking LhaG0. Athletes may prefer to enjoy LhaG0 prior to and after a workout.

Does LhaG0 need to be refrigerated?
LhaG0 does not need to be refrigerated after opening; however, it can be stored in the refrigerator if you prefer to drink it chilled.

Do the properties of LhaG0 diminish over the time, like alkaline water does? Due to the process by which LhaG0 is created, the properties do not diminish quickly. Once opened, a bottle of LhaG0 should ideally be consumed within 30 days. Unopened, the shelf life for LhaG0 is one year.

Does light or movement reduce the effectiveness of LhaG0?
It is recommended that you store LhaG0 away from direct sunlight. Movement does not change the effectiveness, in fact; it is recommended you shake the LhaG0 bottle prior to serving.

How does energized water make the Skin Revolution products more effective?
With the increased solubility of energized water, it is the ideal delivery system for the beneficial vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in the Skin Revolution products. Energized water helps to drive these nutrients deep into the layers of the skin, while also helping to hydrate, increase softness and improve overall texture of the skin.

Why is Water-Revolution Collagen (serum) Solution so effective?
Collagen’s role in protecting and moisturizing the skin is well understood and widely proven. Our Skin Revolution Collagen Solution contains a highest-quality FDA approved form of Collagen which works effectively to deliver antioxidants and vitamins deep into the skin cells. Our Collagen Solution provides a protective layer over on the skin, while also strengthening new skin tissue over time.

What if I don’t have Energized Water to use with my Skin Revolution system?
If you don’t have access to Energized Water, you can prepare your skin for the Skin Revolution products by using a gentle exfoliate or a micro-derm abrasion treatment. Optimal results will be realized when the Skin Revolution products are used in conjunction with Energized Water.

What sort of filtration is employed in the Shower Revolution products?
The shower revolution products employ two patented Redox filtration media which energize the water and help to restore the water’s natural pH balance.

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