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From our family… direct to yours!

Our equipment is all assembled by hand, one unit at a time in North Carolina, U.S.A.

Having been in Independent Business since 1985, the Phinney family is very familiar with hard work, quality production and customer service. After being introduced to the concept of healthy alkaline energized water, Kirk and Cathy became very committed to developing newer and more affordable approaches to this amazing water technology. Cathy says "it was just a matter of providing better service to the marketplace and water drinkers everywhere. It was upsetting to us that more people couldn’t have affordable access to this incredible water technology.”

"We wanted to make the amazing benefits of this water available to everyone but it was clear that the current technology was just too expensive for the average household says Kirk. The market penetration for alkaline energized water here in the U.S. is so tiny and really just getting started”. With less than one tenth of one percent market penetration, there's still a whole bunch of folks that still need to learn about the amazing benefits of our healthy water technology!"

Kirk continues, "by starting Water Revolution, LLC we’ve taken a product technology that was selling for upwards of $4,000 per system and reduced it down to a price point of under $499 (that’s a whopping 800% savings). At the same time, with careful design, NSF quality parts procurement and local manufacturing we’ve also significantly increased the quality and serviceability of these products. This means that families everywhere can now afford to use this water technology every day! Drinking Alkaline Energized Water is the easiest way to help alkalize your body and now Water Revolution’s market responsive non-electric technology has also made it affordable.

I love the bubbles!
This water tastes so smooth! I use it for everything!
- Christie/CO
What makes
Water-Revolution’s water
so deliciously healthy?
Save Money with
Non Electric Technology
Detoxify now and maintain your ideal body weight
with energized water!
From our family... direct to yours!
Our equipment is all assembled by hand, one unit at a time
in North Carolina, U.S.A.