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Key Management

Kirk Phinney, President
With a proven track record of high level leadership successes, Kirk Phinney has been an inspiration to creative entrepreneurs worldwide for more than two decades. As President of Water Revolution LLC, Kirk's focus is almost entirely on product development and technical support to the Distributors and their clients. Continuously self-employed since leaving the US Army 30 years ago, Kirk’s most recent effort focused on the design and management of a similar water company with over 15,000 independent Distributors. His sincere appreciation for the rigors of self-employment and the critically important role of the independent Distributor, led him to develop the Revolutionary Pay Plan. Kirk and his wife, Cathy, have successfully trained tens of thousands of people in the home-based marketing industry. Water Revolution™ is the culmination of a longstanding dream to develop the ultimate work from home business opportunity.  Kirk is a Certified Water Specialist with the International Water Quality Association.

Cathy Phinney, Vice President and COO
For more than two decades Cathy Phinney has professionally pursued the health and wellness interests about which she is so passionate. She feels blessed to love what she does!  She has developed and executed Plans of Operation for several direct sales companies including Water-Revolution, LLC. Cathy’s extensive executive background includes worldwide operations, Customer and Distributor services, event planning and Distributor training. As the author of several Distributor training programs, including a two-day live seminar on the Drinking Water Industry and related products / technologies, Cathy brings a unique depth and understanding to her role. As Chief Operating Officer, Cathy has designed the corporate infrastructure to assure the growth and success of Distributors and the company as a whole.

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