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Save Money with Water-Revolution’s
Non Electric Technology…

Alkaline energized water, found in certain high mountain valleys around the world, is naturally rich with minerals and oxygen, alkaline in pH, full of healthy antioxidants, and super hydrating. The living, energetic qualities of this special water can also be created using a device called an electric water ionizer. Up until recently, virtually all water ionizers used electricity to alter the water. Water-Revolution™ is proud to introduce the next generation in water energy alteration and filtration technology with an exciting line of non-electric water energizing equipment.

Asked to explain how our non-electric water energizing machines differ, Water Revolution Founder, Kirk Phinney, offers the following analogy:

"You can use a microwave to cook a potato, or you can use an oven. While both will cook the potato, one method employs microwave radiation while the other uses natural heating elements. At Water-Revolution, we believe our natural methods produce better, healthier water that is more effectively utilized by our bodies than the electric ionization equipment.”

How do the ionization methods differ?

While both methods can result in increased alkalinity, hydration and antioxidants benefits, the electric ionization process employs electrified plate technologies to force the molecular separation of the water as it runs over the coated metal plates. By contrast, the Water-Revolution™ non-electric equipment produces the same alterations and benefits naturally, by running regular tap water through our custom-blended energized media solution™. Through exposure to our revolutionary media, water is cleared of contaminants and infused with an abundance of negative ions and natural infrared energy that produces superior health and hydration benefits.

While electric ionization technology has been the only option for many years, our next generation non-electric technology works in concert with nature to produce astonishing results for a fraction of the cost of an electric water ionizer:

Benefits Electric Ionizers Water-Revolution™
Non-electric Energizers
Produces Alkaline Water Yes Yes
Produces Micro-clustered Water for Superior Hydration Yes Yes
Produces Free Hydrogen for Antioxidant Benefits Yes Yes
Produces Acidic Water Run-off Yes No
Removes and Reduces Contaminants Partially More effectively
Portability No Yes
Price $1000-$4000 From only $295
Lose weight faster
Our patients who drink this water lose weight 100% faster than those who don't.
- Dr Scott/VA
What makes
Water-Revolution’s water
so deliciously healthy?
Save Money with
Non Electric Technology
Detoxify now and maintain your ideal body weight
with energized water!
From our family... direct to yours!
Our equipment is all assembled by hand, one unit at a time
in North Carolina, U.S.A.