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Why Seniors Love Water-Revolution Water

  • Less Inflammation and Pain
  • Reduced Acidity
  • Overall Sense of Wellness
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Energy!

We at Water-Revolution realize that many of our most important citizens, our seniors, are on fixed incomes. We are proud to offer the first line of truly affordable alkaline water equipment. With a Water-Revolution unit, you can take regular chemically treated tap water and change it into healthy, great tasting alkaline water filled with natural antioxidants.

Water-Revolution’s Healing Waters: Healthy Aging for today’s Seniors

Cancer. Heart disease. Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Diabetes. All of these conditions, and so many more, are affecting us today in epidemic proportion. What is the cause of these diseases, and more importantly, what can we do about them?

"I believe that all disease in the body is caused by an over-acidification of the blood, tissues and then the organs. Drinking Alkaline Water is the easiest way for most people to turn this around.”
~ Dr. Robert O. Young, internationally renowned author of the bestselling "pH Miracle” books

It is important to realize that getting old and aging is not the same thing. Getting older relates to the passage of time. Aging relates to the breakdown of tissues in the body, and the damages to bodily tissues by organic acids, active oxygen and free radicals.

Over the years, acidic waste accumulates in the joints, around the organs, in the brain and throughout the body, leading to pre-mature aging. Additionally, as we get older our pH balancing system becomes less efficient. But by creating a more alkaline physiological environment, we can enhance and accelerate the detoxification process on an ongoing, daily basis. Drinking alkaline water may help restore the body’s pH balance, reduce its acidity and reverse the biological clock.


Seniors don’t drink enough water. For many seniors, they only time they drink water is when they are taking their prescription medications. The popular beverages most people consume are not adequate substitutes for clean, healthy water. The reality is that the majority of them are actually dehydrating.

We are a dehydrated society. The Standard American Diet is loaded with processed foods, soft drinks, and refined sugars. Even if you are eating well now, your historical diet continues to have an effect on your health. Other factors such as stress, chemical drugs (Rx), environmental pollutants, nutrient-devoid processed foods and beverages, and incomplete, unnatural "healthy” waters may all accelerate aging.

Dehydration is a serious and dangerous condition. If the body is not getting enough water, it will ration fluids by borrowing from blood volume to protect the vital organs such as brain, heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. This volume drop increases the heart rate as the body attempts to compensate for decreased blood supply to organs. Even mild cases of dehydration have been linked with increased cancer risk, kidney stones, heart attack, stroke, asthma, hypertension, ulcers, allergies, acid reflux, diabetes, and arthritis.

Increasing water consumption prevents dehydration and reduces fluid retention (swelling); regulates body temperature; prevents constipation; delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells; provides moisture to skin and lubrication to the joints; strengthens muscles and support healthy bone formation; and replenishes serotonin and melatonin in the brain.

A recent study found that with proper water consumption, seniors have fewer falls, less constipation, improved rehabilitation in orthopedic patients and reduced bladder cancer among men. A University of Washington study revealed drinking five glasses of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%, the risk of bladder cancer by 50%, and the risk of colon cancer by 35%.

In general, a person's minimum water requirement is about half their body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 128 lbs, you should drink 64 ounces of water per day for optimal health and hydration. However, it is not enough to drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water daily; you should drink the water that is the most easily transported, distributed, and absorbed.

Alkaline water can be up to three times more hydrating than tap or bottled waters. Typical water molecules are grouped together in clusters of 10-13 molecules. Alkaline Energized water molecule clusters are reduced in size, with 5-6 molecules. Because of its reduced size and unique structure, the water is extremely penetrating and can pass through our cells more easily.

pH Balance

Our blood pH level must remain in a very narrow range or organ systems, enzyme functioning and basic life support become at risk of failing. Today’s common diet, which is rich in proteins from meat, dairy products and processed grains, has been shown to create what is called metabolic acidosis.

Every time that the body succumbs to low-grade metabolic acidosis, the body must regain balance and return to homeostasis. The physiological response to this acidosis is to leach calcium out of our bones and thereby buffer this systemic acidity. When this process occurs day after day bones are leached, the calcium bank is depleted and you end up vulnerable to osteoporosis.

Acid reflux, high cholesterol, heart disease and inflammatory-related diseases, such as allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and stroke, are all related to low-grade metabolic acidosis.

Alkaline water helps to promote overall health and healing by restoring the body’s pH balance.


Living on a cooked-food diet over a long period of time creates a layer of mucous throughout the digestive tract known as mucoid plaque. It creates a rubbery layer on the intestines and prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the body. Because of its size, our micro-clustered water is a terrific cleanser of the digestive tract. Alkaline water penetrates the mucoid plaque, helping to remove it. The water then penetrates the lining itself to further cleanse and hydrate for improved delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

Alkaline water is extremely detoxifying and eliminates acid wastes such as fatty acids, cholesterol, plaque and crystalline uric acids from cells, tissues, and organs.


Although the body produces antioxidants naturally, its ability to do so weakens with age. Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals. They hinder the process of oxidation, as they have extra electrons to donate to free radicals, stabilizing them. This is referred to as the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) or redox potential. When a substance has a negative ORP, it will reduce the oxidation of another substance.

Alkaline water’s redox potential is unmatched by any other type of water. Every time you drink a glass, you fortify your body’s ability to neutralize dangerous free radicals, in turn reinforcing your body’s immune system.

Cellular Rejuvenation.

Alkaline water is an easy way to help your cells become active, productive, communicative and functional again. It could be said you are reversing your biological clock.

When you start drinking alkaline water, you may find you are thirsty, as if the thirst mechanism in your body has been turned on for the first time in years. You may urinate more frequently, a sign that your digestive tract is cleansing. Your skin may look healthier. Most people report a lot more clarity of mind and an abundance of energy, due to the water’s positive influence on bodily oxygenation. You may find you have overall better health.

Water-Revolution’s smooth, alkaline water hydrates our bodies better; it cleanses our systems; it delivers nutrients to our cells more efficiently; and it energizes us far more than tap or spring water. It tastes lighter, with a pleasantly sweet flavor, and contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and gives us more energy.

Water-Revolution equipment delivers a 1-2-3 punch: it cleans, alkalizes then energizes your water.

Enjoy more energy and vitality. Buy your Water-Revolution unit today.

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