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alkaTREK™ Replacement Body alkaTREK™ Replacement Body

alkaTREK™ Replacement Body

Replacement filters are available to verified owners of Water-Revolution equipment only.

$149.00 USD          

alkaTREK™ alkaTREK™

The alkaTREK™ is Water Revolution's compact, portable energized water device.

Now comes with convenient travel carry case (a $19.95 value included at no additional charge)!  Don't leave home without one!!!

$295.00 USD          

We all love it!
My family has been using your product for about 5 years and love it.
~ Bill W. / WA
What makes
Water-Revolution’s water
so deliciously healthy?
Save Money with
Non Electric Technology
Detoxify now and maintain your ideal body weight
with energized water!
From our family... direct to yours!
Our equipment is all assembled by hand, one unit at a time
in North Carolina, U.S.A.