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ALKACHILL™ Replacement Cartridge Set ALKACHILL™ Replacement Cartridge Set

Two cartridge replacement set for your ALKACHILL™  inline refrigerator device.

Replacement filters are available to verified owners of Water-Revolution equipment only.

$149.00 USD          


Working together with the on-board cartridge of your refrigerator, the filtered and energized water delivered by the ALKACHILL™ system is typically found with a pH of about 8.5, with reduced Chlorine and other disinfectant compounds.

The micro-clustered, super hydrating water can also act a powerful antioxidant in the body. We can measure its negative ORP value at levels from minus 100 to minus 250 Megahertz.

ALKACHILL™ is an accessory flow-through design system and works best as a complement to a larger, more powerful Water- Revolution point-of-use home system.

$295.00 USD          

At a fraction of the cost!
"The Water Revolution water tastes great, and is a fraction of the cost of other systems."
- Dr. Michael/PA
What makes
Water-Revolution’s water
so deliciously healthy?
Save Money with
Non Electric Technology
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Our equipment is all assembled by hand, one unit at a time
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