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The AlkaChi™

Clean and Green!

The AlkaChi™ Under Counter Unit offers the highest filtration, tremendous energy alteration and no flush water. It is available with your choice of our beautiful W-R Polished Chrome (shiny), Brushed Nickel (matte) or Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucet. The beautiful, dedicated faucet (included) is the only component of this System that is visible at the sink.
Easy-to-use Installation Guide included.

Water Revolution’s Greener and Cleaner Water Solution…..

Easy to install and simple to operate, it creates powerful energized water.

5 Full Components and 17 Individual Filtration and Energy Alteration Stages:

Component 1 – sediment filter – 1 micron.

Component 2 – 1 micron Carbon Block (Organic Coconut Carbon).

Component 3
Stage 1: 2 micron shield,
Stage 2: W-R Carbon Blend,
Stage 3: 2 micron Shield,
Stage 4: Activated Alumina Blend,
Stage 5: 2 micron Shield,
Stage 6: W-R KDF Blend,
Stage 7: 2 micron Shield,
Stage 8: Calcium Blend,
Stage 9: 1 micron filter assembly.

Component 4
Stage 1: 2 micron shield,
Stage 2: Bio Fx™ antioxidant ceramic blend,
Stage 3: 2 micron Shield,
Stage 4: BioFx Imprint™ subtle energy information imprinting (actually 5 ceramics with distinct subtle energy imprints),
Stage 5: 2 micron Shield.

Component 5
Stage 1: Taste finish and polish cartridge.

AlkaChi™ unit measures 17" Tall, 15" Wide, 7" Deep.
Installed faucet is approximately 12" tall.

Item Codes:
1700 - AlkaChi™ with Chrome Faucet ~ $745.00

1701 - AlkaChi™ with Nickel Faucet ~ $745.00

1707 - AlkaChi™ with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucet ~ $745.00

Each AlkaChi™ filter set will produce approximately 700 - 1,000 gallons of energized water.

Ice Maker Feed Available!

Optional Ice Maker Tee Fitting: To feed alkaline, energized water to your existing automatic ice maker and other refrigerator water accessories.
(For use with an existing ¼” tubing refrigerator water supply line that is currently originating from the kitchen sink cabinet where this System is to be installed).

Item Code:
212 - Ice Maker Tee Fitting ~ $3.95

Depending on source water and amount of water processed, we suggest average use cartridge replacement every 6-12 months to assure excellent water quality.

Replacement Cartridges:

1710 - AlkaChi™ Replacement Cartridge Set ~ $199.00


Other Items:

2007 - Housing Wrench

115 - pH Reagent Test Drops / Travel Size Vial

AlkaChi™ Warranty Information

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