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Working together with the on-board cartridge of your refrigerator, the filtered and energized water delivered by the ALKACHILL™ System is typically found with a pH of about 8.5, with reduced chlorine and other disinfectant compounds.

The micro-clustered, super-hydrating water can also act a powerful antioxidant in the body. We can measure its negative ORP value at levels from -100 to -250 Megahertz.

The ALKACHILL™ is an accessory flow-through design device and works best as a complement to a larger, more powerful Water- Revolution point-of-use home system.

Water Revolution’s ALKACHILL™ easily and quickly installs right into your refrigerator’s ¼” PET water supply line outside your refrigerator. Using the included install kit, simply "plug in” the unit using the provided extra tubing and quick connect fittings. [Refrigerators with cold water supply tubing other than 1/4" polyethylene (PET) will require local purchase of additional adapters].

Using Water Revolution’s MicroChi™ technology media, the ALKACHILL™ System will create delicious micro-clustered, alkaline antioxidant water right at your refrigerator’s door dispenser. Now you can have alkaline antioxidant chilled water and ice on demand!

ALKACHILL™ Unit Dimensions

  • 15" Long, 6" Wide, 3-1/2" Deep.

The ALKACHILL™ install kit comes complete with everything you need to just "plug and play” the ALKACHILL™ right into your home.

Item #2500: ALKACHILL™ System ~ $295.00

*The ALKACHILL™ cartridge requires hook-up to a refrigerator that has a working automatic ice maker or working chilled water/ice dispenser at door.

ALKACHILL™ Warranty Information

**The ALKACHILL™ Cartridge Set should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. The actual replacement frequency will vary depending on the quality of the source water found at the location.

Replacement Cartridges:

ALKACHILL™ Replacement Cartridge Set ~ $149.00

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