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85% of the U.S. has hard water. Hard water is hard on both you and your home. Water-Revolution is proud to offer a great solution: the DigiSoftener™ Digital Water Softening System. This professional grade, ultra high-efficiency unit will offer premium protection for you, your family, your plumbing and your appliances from hard water’s damaging effects.

The DigiSoftener™ will alleviate issues caused by hard water, such as soap & shampoo residue on your skin and hair, dingy gray appearance to your clothes, spots on your dishes, odors, stains and clogged drains. Scale buildup on your faucets, in your pipes and in your water-using appliances will be significantly reduced.

You’ll notice the difference: The DigiSoftener™ improves the taste, smell, feel and look of water.

It’s especially great for people with sensitive skin.

You’ll save money using less soap and cleaning products, with easier-to-clean tubs, showers, sinks and toilets. Your laundered clothes will be softer, and washable items should last longer. Your dishes will be cleaner, with less spotting. You may save money with less plumbing and appliance repair, and less gas and electric consumption.

The DigiSoftener™ offers great performance with high flow, heavy-duty bottom screen and fully-programmed intuitive electronics.

Ideal for households of 1-6 people.

Easy to install with minimal plumbing.

Quick connect fittings and QC valve manifold

WQA Gold Seal Certified 8% Crosslink Resin

Plumbing Connection: 1”

Maximum Water Temperature: 120* F

Water Pressure (Minimum/Maximum PSI): 20-120 PSI

Mineral Tank Size: 10” x 48”

Brine Tank Size: 18” x 30”

Recommended Service Flow GPM:1.6-10

Est. Peak Flow: 14

Cu.Ft. Resin:1.5

Pre-Filter Replacement Schedule: Every 4 months*

Includes full size 5” x 10” commercial pre-filter assembly with two additional filter change outs included for your convenience.

*(based on source water quality)



DigiSoftener™ and DynaPur Combination

Purchase both units together and SAVE $295



DigiSoftener™, DynaPur & AlkaPurity H-D



DigiSoftener™ Pre-Filter Replacement Cartridge Set

(3 Cartridges, Use One Every 4 months = Annual Supply)


*Plus truck shipping cost of palleted order

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