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Whole House Dynamic Energy System™

Everyone should be concerned about the contaminant load in their home’s bathing, washing and drinking water. Water Revolution’s new proprietary DynaPur™ whole house system is a convenient-to-install, contaminant reduction and dynamic energy system designed to help protect and re-energize your entire household!

75 years ago, European scientists re-discovered the powerful attributes of naturally aligned and balanced energized water. Simple observations from the natural world led to a number of truly "mind blowing” discoveries. Incredible positive effects have been experienced on skin health, overall wellness, and even plant and agricultural growth using various iterations of this natural energy technology.

Each DynaPur™ system comes with simple install instructions, new-tech whole house engineered quick connect plumbing fittings, one year’s supply of contaminant reduction cartridges (3) and Water Revolution’s new proprietary dynamic energy system™, which is good for up to 36 months.*Note: frequency of contaminant reduction cartridge change will vary with source water quality at each location – average for municipal water supply has been every 4 months.

The standard DynaPur™ is prepped for 3/4" cold water supply piping and flow direction RIGHT (to left). Housing 1 is on the right and Housing 2 is on the left when looking at the front of the unit.

Please add NOTE at end of order entry process if your unit needs 1” supply piping or flow direction LEFT.

DynaPur™ Warranty Information

DynaPur™ for Municipal Water


DynaPur™ for Well Water (Triple Housing System)


DigiSoftener™ and DynaPur™ Combination

Purchase both units together and SAVE $295


AlkaPurity™ H-D and DynaPur™ Combination

Bundle to Save!


TOTAL HOME SOLUTION: AlkaPurity™ H-D, DigiSoftener AND DynaPur™ Combination



DynaPur™ Replacement Cartridge Set

(3 Cartridges, Use One Every 4 months = Annual Supply)



Skin tags GONE!
Since drinking this water, my sister's skin tags are all gone.
Carol H/FL
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Detoxify now and maintain your ideal body weight
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