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RO Accessory Unit™
Water-Revolution's RO Accessory Unit™ is designed for people who already have an installed Reverse Osmosis point-of-use residential water purification system and who desire to take advantage of the many benefits offered by Water Revolution's proprietary Energized Media Blend™ technology. The Water-Revolution RO Accessory Unit's two-stage filter cartridge design comes with the AlkaAmpensity™ cartridge and our special Re-mineralizing cartridge mounted in series. The RO Accessory Unit™ is designed to be installed under counter, in between the client’s existing RO system and their RO faucet.
It is recommended that a plumber perform this installation. Instructions provided are generic instructions, as Water-Revolution cannot anticipate specific field conditions.

The RO Accessory Unit™ will arrive pre-plumbed for ¼” tubing connection on both sides. Additional 3/8” quick connect fittings are also provided for those clients that need to tie-in to existing 3/8”-sized tubing. In this case, the client or his/her installer will have to amend the fittings on the unit on site. Fittings included are for optional 3/8” size only. The RO Accessory Unit™ may be ordered plumbed with 3/8” fittings if desired.

Item Codes:
1150 - RO Accessory Unit™ ~ $395.00

1156 - RO Accessory Unit™, plumbed for 3/8" ~ $395.00

RO Accessory Unit™ Dimensions: 10-1/2” x 5-3/4” x 11-3/4

Each RO Accessory Unit™ filter set will produce approximately 700 - 1,000 gallons of energized water. Depending on source water and amount of water processed, we suggest average use cartridge replacement every 6-12 months to assure excellent water quality.

Replacement Cartridges:



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