R.O. Water Unsafe

R.O. Water Unsafe

R. Scientists Expose the Dangerous Truth About R.O. Water After studying hundreds of scientific studies concerning reverse osmosis or demineralized water, the World Health Organization released a 163 page report, which stated that such water "has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism." (1)

 The World Health Organization clearly points out that there is more than meets the eye to water without toxins. Removing toxins just isn't enough! In a perfect world, we would be getting all of our necessary nutrients from food, but we all know that simply isn't the case.

 For example, nearly 10% of women have iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia. Another health concern: Manganese deficiency. Being deficient in manganese can disrupt the entire function of the body, as the mineral is super important in regards to balancing our hormones. These minerals, as well as any other minerals originally in water, are stripped away during the R.O. process.

 Scientists have studied this extensively. The conclusion has been reached that reduced mineral intake from water is not compensated for by diet, and that low-mineral water was responsible for an increased elimination of minerals from the body. So all in all, drinking water stripped of minerals will eliminate your body's minerals, which can be dangerous and even leave you deficient. This can happen in only a few months.

 In 2000-2002, studies were conducted in Czech and Slovak populations who began using reverse osmosis-based systems for the final treatment of drinking water in their homes. Just in several weeks or months time, multiple health complaints suggestive of acute magnesium (and possibly calcium) deficiency were reported. People reported cardiovascular disorders, tiredness, weakness or muscular cramps. 

 While you may imagine that drinking more water will not only properly hydrate you, but also give your body more electrolytes, that just isn't the case. Scientists have stated that consumption of reverse osmosis water leads to the dilution of the electrolytes dissolved in the body water. 

 Now, after all of this has been examined and understood, there are still advantages to drinking reverse osmosis water. If you live in a specific area with bad drinking water, contaminated with pesticides and the like, reverse osmosis treated water can be a very safe way to "clean" bad water and make it more safe and drinkable. It's also one of the only options when you're traveling or camping outdoors, as you can't always trust local water or you just don't know what type of water is in a stream, pond, or river. 

 In your home, in regards to you and your family's health, people just don't want to settle for water that has been stripped of minerals. Everyone wants the best for their families and themselves, and they would all agree with the studies and their findings. Reverse osmosis water is simply not a long term solution. Drinking water should be both nutritious and affordable. You shouldn't have to buy water from the store and haul it home. Now there's a premium option: Water-Revolution's delicious alkaline water for your entire family, right from your own faucet or refrigerator. 


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