"ZERO CALORIE SUPER FOOD" that's how Amy from San Diego refers to her Water-Revolution water. "I absolutely love it. It's a great way to nourish your body...it's a no brainer."
-Amy / California

"We’ve shared the Water-Revolution alkaline energized water technology and equipment with hundreds of our patients here in Central Pennsylvania. Our patients love the water, it helps immensely with their overall health and weight management goals. All I can say is "thank you” Water-Revolution!”

-Dr. Steven S. / Pennsylvania


"Thanks a million, Water Revolution! My life is back. I'm excited to share with you the marvelous improvements in my health since I've been using the Water Revolution AlkaPurity unit.

For close to thirteen years, I had severe fibromyalgia symptoms. Muscle tension and aches in my joints, tendons, and connective tissues were overwhelming. I had headaches and debilitating chronic fatigue. I saw a doctor every three weeks.

Once I got the AlkaPurity filter, I drank the water regularly. After two months, the symptoms were gone and I was pain-free. YAY! I work more hours. My head is clear. I go on long walks. I sleep well and wake up rested and refreshed. Friends say I'm strong and they've never seen me with so much energy. This is nothing short of a miracle.

The Water Revolution filter was a godsend that literally turned my life around.  YAY!!!!  Thanks a million, Water Revolution!"
-Lynn H / Oregon
"I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for our AlkaTrek - the rest of our trip we were able to fill up with energized alkaline water, which as you know you cannot get anywhere while traveling, even with Whole Foods choices of pH 9.5 water in plastic bottles. Our nutrients mixed in better, and tasted better, just like they do in the water we use at home... Fabulous innovation, most economical, and THE SOLUTION to the problem of billions of bottles of plastic waste! [We] are thrilled with our new freedom to travel and transform this country's tragic water options into great, drinkable, energized, alkaline water”! 
-Dr. Mark M. / Minnesota
I LOVE THIS WATER! "I have always hated water and avoided it at any cost. I now CRAVE this water and actually drink 4 to 5 liters a day. My weight loss can be attributed to this water too...I just feel so good when I drink this water. My son, not knowing I gave him my W-R water commented, "What's with this water? It's so GOOD"! Thank you Water-Revolution, and thanks to my doctor for the introduction to this wonderful water".
-Melanie B / Pennsylvania

"The Water Revolution Alkaline water machine has been an integral part of our weight loss system. The water tastes great, and is a fraction of the cost of other systems. Our patients that consume the most alkaline water seem to lose the most weight. Both Kirk and Cathy provide amazing service both during and after the sale. Their hearts are truly to serve their customer’s best interest.

I would strongly recommend if you are in the market for an alkaline water machine, you consider Water Revolution. Thank you Kirk and Cathy for all you do.”

-Dr. Michael V. / Pennsylvania 



From my recent phone conversation with Robert from Ohio: 

His younger daughter has lost 24 pounds in the last 28 days on our water;
his other daughter has lost 34 pounds in 39 days;
his nephew in Pennsylvania has lost over 110 pounds in 4 months; and
the nephew’s wife has lost 40 pounds.
Robert says,

"For anyone who wants to lose weight, this water is the best thing that ever was"!

"After owning 3 other alkaline water systems, I am thrilled with the superior performance of the AlkaPurity H-D."
-Renee L. / Arizona
  GOT DRY, ITCHY EYES? It may be because you are dehydrated. One of our favorite practitioners shared the following testimonial with us..."Our patient suffered from dry, itchy eyes and had been using eye drops for relief for 13 years. After 3 days on Water-Revolution water, she no longer needed her drops"!!!
COULD IT REALLY BE THAT EASY TO SOLVE HEALTH ISSUES? Give Water-Revolution water a try and see for yourself

"I’m a 39 year old woman who has battled Crohn’s Disease since age 11. Although I cannot say this would be the case for everyone, this is what I’ve experienced: I’ve had 7 major surgeries and more than half of my intestines removed due to obstructions.

Three days after drinking Water-Revolution’s water exclusively, my stools changed from "sick” and really not right to healthy and the most normal that I have ever experienced in my life. A month ago, I received MRI results of my bowel that indicated there were "no visible signs of disease or its effects”.

I believe that the alkaline, Water Revolution water has been instrumental in my healing. EVERYONE with any form of IBD or IBS should drink this healing water and I tell everyone I know about it”.

-Kristy R. / Washington 


"My Water Revolution begins in my kitchen. I thank the team for my favorite addition to my home. Thank you so much for raising my pH! " 
-Eion B. / California

"I have lost over 100 lbs, in 10 months time. I look and feel great, and people don't recognize me! And it’s all because of this water!" 

-Patty / Pennsylvania


"I want to hug you! I lost 10 pounds the first week and am up to 19 pounds lost the second week on W-R water!" 

-Dr. Jim L. / Georgia


"I tested the equipment, then began using the water with patients and weight loss clients at my offices and at home.

I hate to travel if I don’t have the water with me. It’s changed my life and my patients' lives.

It revitalizes you and puts hydration back in. I’ll use it forever."

-Dr. Corey J. / Montana

"I have been drinking alkaline water for over 3 years , and I have tried many different systems. I have to say that Water-Revolution is by far the best out there.

My wife loves it because it is under the sink and out of sight.

The quality of the water is much better, with less chemicals and more alkalinity.

And they’ve got great customer service. Get alkaline and live a healthy life!"

-Matt P. / California 

"We’ve been using Water-Revolution's products since Jan.2011, and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

We have hundreds of patients on the water, including 95% of my chiropractic patients. We’ve had some fantastic changes as far as health, and overall good feeling in the office by using the water products.

I also use it myself, as does my entire family."

-Dr Steve / Pennsylvania

"I use Water-Revolution. It’s the best machine, the least expensive, and it does the job.

And it’s the best service, they’re behind you 100% and you know it works.

I can only say good things about Water-Revolution, Kirk and Cathy. They’re totally supportive and I love the water!"

-Dr. Erich B. / Switzerland 

"We have been recommending the alkaline, energized water produced by Water-Revolution’s AlkaPurity system for over 12 months now.

We recommend and trust Water-Revolution for several reasons. The AlkaPurity unit actually purifies water, removing all the contaminants as well as adding the important alkaline, antioxidant energy signal. And the equipment is valued priced and affordable in contrast to the other electric systems for alkalizing water that you may have heard of before.

I know the owners and developers, Kirk and Cathy, personally and they are not only accessible and caring for all their clients, but will go the extra mile when necessary."

-Dr. Doug P. / Pennsylvania


"We’ve all seen the many news reports about the negative health effects of drinking water from plastic bottles, and the recent EPA findings of traces of prescription drugs and hundreds of other chemicals in our drinking water. Unfortunately, this trend only seems to be getting worse.

So for those of us who are concerned about our health, what are our options? How do we protect ourselves from the daily exposure to these chemicals and provide our families with the highest quality drinking water at the same time? Well, the good news is that Water-Revolution has come up with the perfect drinking water solution, the AlkaPurity H-D.

The AlkaPurity H-D provides all the health benefits of drinking from a pristine high mountain stream, right in your own kitchen. And here’s how it works: First, it features a powerful, 6-stage Reverse Osmosis purification engine, which removes 99.5% of dangerous chemicals and contaminants including viruses, cysts, bacteria, heavy metals and much more. Continuous flushing within the unit means there are no built-up contaminants. Then the water travels through the Water-Revolution’s proprietary energized media technology, where the perfect mix of minerals and oxygen are added. This unique process transforms your tap water in to the best-tasting, highest quality, alkaline, antioxidant drinking water available.

The unit mounts out of sight under your sink and all you see is the beautiful, high quality faucet in Polished Chrome of Brushed Satin Nickel.

It works with municipal or well water and is easy to install and simple to operate.

The AlkaPurity H-D System is a heavy-duty, high-volume system and is available with a variety of tank sizes which makes it perfect for use at home and your business locations.

Best of all, the AlkaPurity H-D is affordable and will continue to provide perfect drinking water for your family at pennies per gallon for years to come."

-Carla G. / Florida


"We are very pleased with our Water-Revolution counter top system!"
-Maurice S. / Pennsylvania
"You guys are awesome. . . thank you soooo much!"
-Debbie L. / Pennsylvania

"We have this system you install under your sink and love it."

-Barbara W. / Texas


"Water-Revolution is a fantastic company!  They're awesome to work with, and they have a GREAT product."
 -Dr. Jeffrey / Illinois 
"I have that alkaTREK but would like the alkaWAND to take with me when I travel. The water has helped my RA. Since my spinal surgery last summer the spine surgeon took me off some of my RA medicine until who knows and if it had not been for the water I know I would have been hurting a lot more."
- Nadine A. / California
"There's been a revolution in my home, a water revolution that is.I am thrilled. The system couldn't have possibly been easier to hook up, took all of 2 minutes. Fits nicely under the kitchen cabinet as well."
 -Judi G. / British Columbia
"Just for the record, if I was a millionaire, I would still buy the AlkaPurity H-D unit! I love my water and tell everyone I meet about it. Thanks so much."
-Carla G. / Florida
"Anybody who doesn't have one of these units needs a mental re-arrangement! The AlkaPurity System is perfect on my boat!"
-Rick A. / California
"The AlkaRev is $495; this machine is a work horse and will give you plenty of bang for the buck. I highly recommend the machine and doing business with Kirk and his wife. They are old fashioned business people that honor their word and offer great customer service and always do their best to make any situation right. Enjoy your machine!"
-Dr. Naota / California
"I have noticed that I am less sensitive to carbohydrates in diabetes control than I used to be. Sugar is still elevated in the blood with medication, but my A1c is 6.0, and CRP only 2.0, even with a non-controlled holiday diet. I am drinking the alkalized water, take an antioxidant supplement, and using a grounding pad to sleep on and at the computer. Since last August I have lost 20 pounds, even eating out every day. Thanks for providing such an economical solution to healthy water."
-Lourana H. /  Arizona 

"Our weight loss patients who drank this water lost weight 100% faster than those who did not.  We love Water-Revolution water!"
-Dr Scott C. / Virginia
 "This water tastes so smooth! I use it for everything".
-Christie / Colorado
"My wife and I love the water!  In just 8 weeks, I lost 32 lbs and my wife lost 21 lbs. I feel great!"
-Bill W. / Pennsylvania
"May I say that I rarely come on a company so willing to help and be of continuing assistance. I always tried to provide that kind of help, but rarely find anyone else so motivated. You could have said that the sale was made, go fly a kite, but you didn't. Your service means a great deal to me."
-Larry S. / Iowa
"After 25 years, I am sleeping through the night! Goodbye, Restless Leg Syndrome!"
-Clyde / Pennsylvania
"Before Water-Revolution, I hated water.  Now I drink 8 1-liter bottles everyday.  I love this water!!!
-Melanie B. / Pennsylvania
 "I love this water! I am battling cancer, and my oncologist suggested alkaline water. Prior to purchasing a Water-Revolution unit, everyone who visited my home commented on the smell of bleach in my water. I knew it was bad! My thanks to Water-Revolution for providing an affordable solution! I am sharing this water with doctors, co-workers and friends".
-Anne S. / Pennsylvania

"I took my AlkaRev in motor home down to Myrtle Beach. My friends love the water and took a gallon to a water presentation. Boy, was the presenter flabbergasted when our water out-performed her $2,700 System."
-Peter K / Pennsylvania
"Thank you so much for such wonderful service.  The alkaTREK works great...Again, thanks, as I believe that excellent drinking water is 90% of the battle now".
-Vickie W. / North Carolina
"This water has made an incredible difference in my life: No more Acid Reflux!  I love it!!!"
-Elizabeth H./Hawaii
"I'm sold on this water. I have suffered with migraines for years. I have not had a single one since I started drinking this water nearly a year ago. Also, I have lost 75 pounds. I went to visit my daughter in Las Vegas and she didn't recognize me. I love this water"!
-Robert M. / Pennsylvania

"My family has been using your product for about 5 years and love it.
I have been telling everyone in my network about the product and are always asked where to get it."
-Bill W. / Washington
"I love my machine (AlkaRev Counter Top System)! It's been a couple of years now and I can't tell you how happy I am with the quality of the water!"
-David / CA
"I love your product!  I am so impressed with this water. I know it was an important factor in my recent significant weight loss. You can tell its healthy water".
-PJ F. / New York 

"Congratulations for 7 great years. Thank you for the great customer service. # 1"
-Michael D./Costa Rica 
"You are always so gracious, and your company is wonderful to work with.  Thank you so much for everything you do for us!"
-Heidi / Pennsylvania
"This has been the best customer service we ever experienced with anybody!  Thank you for all you do."
-Jim and Gail / Indiana 
 "The Under Counter Revolutionizer unit has served me very well, for 3 years. I needed replacement filters. Kirk was helpful and cheerful. I enjoyed his thorough answer to my questions. The filters arrived when he said they would. The correct filters, clear instruction, easy replacement - very happy with the service!"
-Sally B/New York