Water Revolution’s new ModWater™ alkaline water system is a great new addition to the system line-up.   Finally, a built-in, high-energy drinking water system at a price that anyone can afford!

The system features our “direct connect” configuration so that the most common installation is a simple hand screw-and-seal compression connection made directly into the cold-water supply line under the sink.   This ensures that all the cold water moving through your existing faucet is the high-energy filtered ModWater™.    This fast and easy install method also eliminates the need for a separate faucet, which can work very well with many of the new minimalist kitchen sink area design aesthetics.  

The ModWater™ system is shipped with the necessary stainless steel-braided compression tubing sections and brass coupling to perform this standard installation.

Secondary accessory faucets in a variety of faucet finishes are available if a separate dispensing faucet is desired.   The onboard solid brass compression fittings also work well with standard PET plastic tubing that couples well to these accessory delivery faucets.  All needed faucet components are included with the optional faucet.

The ModWater™ system can be configured for well water or municipal water, as well as a variety of other particular source water conditions.

The front-end cartridge is typically either our Muni-Protect or Well Protect cartridge followed then by our brand new ModWater™ energy cartridge.   The front-end cartridge cleans and clears the water and our energy cartridge creates a delicious high-energy, alkaline water.

There is no other system available comparable to ModWater™.