AlkaAmpensity™ Filter

Water-Revolution's AlkaAmpensity™ media cartridge, used in filter compartment #2 of the AlkaRev™ and Revolutionizer™ devices uses our proprietary blends of rare ceramic materials including Far-Infrared ceramic balls which are infused with the energies of: Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and tourmaline to add health-promoting qualities to the drinking water.

The very specialized and exacting ceramic materials used in the AlkaAmpensity™ cartridge greatly intensify the pH of the finished water while decreasing the water’s Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP). A negative ORP level in the water helps to demonstrate that the newly formed alkaline antioxidant water also has much smaller water molecule clusters (micro-clustering effect) and can help to hydrate the body more effectively than normal water.

The AlkaAmpensity™ cartridge also completes the new alkaline antioxidant water with W-R’s proprietary carbon finishing blend for improved taste.