Detoxify Now with Energized Water

Detoxify Now with Energized Water

Detoxify now and maintain
your ideal body weight with energized water!

In just 7 days you can look younger, feel more energized and lose a few extra pounds of body weight! Just add our energized water to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Drinking water’s impact on the human body is far more important than many people realize. Most are totally unaware that when certain chemical compounds (like chlorine) are ingested into the body they can actually mimic an essential nutrient like Iodine and bond themselves to Thyroid molecules. This "impostor bonding” wreaks havoc with the body’s metabolic systems and increases obesity. On the other hand, water that is "too purified” (devoid of minerals and life force) will likewise cause harm to the body’s systems in that water seeks to achieve a certain mineral balance and will "steal” or leach these minerals from the body if they’re not present in the water. Also, the body needs and depends on these naturally present minerals (like calcium and magnesium) to function properly.

Further, research scientists have shown how unhealthy fat storage in the body can be prompted and accelerated by a diet that is too acidic in pH. Many of the favorite American food choices are very acidic, not only leading to obesity, but specifically because of their acidity can also make it a much more difficult process when one is trying to lose unwanted body fat. Many typical fat storage areas are simply the body’s own defense mechanism for storing unwanted acid build-up away from critical organs where they could do more damage.

Enjoying Water Revolution’s alkaline energized water is certainly one simple way to conveniently take in more alkaline food. The best part is that because it’s so delicious and tasty, drinking it frequently is fun, simple and easy to do!


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