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Dr Recommended pH Water for Weight Loss

Dr Recommended pH Water for Weight Loss

 For the past decade, hundreds of chiropractors and other natural health doctors have been vigorously recommending alkaline water to their patients to assist in a variety of health related wellness programs. Typically, doctors charge patients $3.00 and up per gallon for alkaline water. It's a fast-selling product nationwide. Most doctors and retailers are using the high frequency water to aid in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. The reports of weight loss in conjunction with alkaline water consumption are overwhelming! The alkaline pH water has the unique ability, due to its inherent energy factors, to nutritionally satisfy to a much higher degree than typical tap, purified or bottled water.

 People notice the taste and the increased hydration alkaline pH water provides. It's also interesting to note, that, once patients start drinking the alkaline pH water for a health program, the positive results that they achieve compel them to continue choosing to drink it forever. Now that natural alkaline water is affordable and convenient to install, it's easier than ever to make the shift to alkaline water for you and your entire family. Water-Revolution offers a wide range of alkaline water systems. It's simple to chose the best system for you, whether you want the convenience of alkaline water in your home, or you want to set up an alkaline water system for commercial use in your office. Be sure to check our our Residential and Commercial models under the Products tab, or contact us for more information!


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