Announcing the All-New HelixEnergizer™ lineup of Water Systems

Water-Revolution was started in 2010 by founders Kirk and Cathy Phinney in North Carolina. Their goal was to create an affordable and effective alkaline water solution for families everywhere. Most of our water systems deliver a level of energized water quality never before available. The secret is that these NON-ELECTRIC systems are affordable and designed and fabricated right here in the USA.

Now with the much anticipated launch of the HelixEnergizer™ technology, a whole brand new line of Energized Structure Water is more affordable than ever!

The HelixEnergizer™ Double Helical Vortexing Technology is available in a variety of both Whole House, and Undersink Options, for your home or business

System Types

Original AlkaPurity™ H-D

The AlkaPurity H-D is our best selling home drinking solution. This under-the-sink unit is installed under your counter and comes with a dedicated faucet and tank so you'll always have water...

New! HelixHome™ Whole House Energizing System

Looking for a water filtration system for your entire home? This is a comprehensive package to transform your shower, bath, and laundry water into super clean micr-clustered and energized water! Powered by a built-in whole House HelixEnergizer!

New Modwater™ -10 Minute Installation!

Our newest addition to our system lineup, ModWater is both affordable and very fast to install!

New! HelixPurity™ - Structured Water!

You can't go wrong with Water-Revolution!

"Back in 2017, a friend of ours encouraged us to get a home water filtration system. He personally owned a rather fancy water filtration system with functions that were (in retrospect) just flashy and unnecessary. We purchased that (really pricey) filtration system and actually returned it within a month for many reasons.

We then found Water-Revolution and appreciated the simplicity of its narrow, sleek faucet, and the affordability of the product. Little did we know that not only would our water taste fantastic (we get compliments from our friends and neighbors all the time on how good our water tastes compared to theirs), we get truly personalized, outstanding customer service.

It is almost surreal. You call a state-side number, and a real person answers the phone, who speaks beautiful English and is courteous and down to earth, competent and truly educated on the product. This is no big outsourced operation. This is a small, local business that strives to ensure customer satisfaction. And they exceed at such.

You can’t go wrong with this product or this company! Support local businesses! Support your health by installing this amazing water filtration system.

One more thing — we’ve had the same faucet since 2017 — and with five in our household using it daily, it has held up beautifully!"

-Chyril T.

New York

(verified owner of AlkaPurity H-D system)

We've been using Water-Revolution's products since Jan. 2011

"And we couldn't be more satisfied. We have hundreds of patients on the water, including 95% of my chiropractic patients. We've had some fantastic changes as far as health, and overall good feeling in the office by using the water products. I also use it myself, as does my entire family."

-Dr. Steve S.


I'll use it forever.

"I tested the equipment, then began using the water with patients and weight loss clients at my offices and at home. I hate to travel if I don't have it with me. It's changed my life and my patients' lives. It revitalizes you and puts hydration back in. I'll use it forever."

-Dr. Corey J.

Goodbye, Restless Leg Syndrome!

"After 25 years, I am sleeping through the night."

-Clyde S.

My migraines are GONE!

"I'm sold! My migraines are GONE! And I lost 75 pounds!"

-Robert M.

I believe that the alkaline, Water Revolution water has been instrumental in my healing.

"EVERYONE with every form of IBD or IBS should drink this healing water and I tell everyone I know about it."

-Kristy R.


I am thrilled...

"After owning 3 other alkaline water systems, I am thrilled with the superior performance of the AlkaPurity H-D"

-Renee L.

The Best Out There.

"I have been drinking alkaline water for over 3 years, and I have tried many different systems. I have to say that Water Revolution is by far the best out there. My wife loves it because it is under the sink and out of sight. The quality of the water is much better, with less chemicals and more alkalinity. And they've got great customer service! Get alkaline and live a healthy life!"

-Matt P.